Friday, April 25, 2014

Double Movie Review

Last Saturday, I had an awesome double sequel premier which I have not had the time to post about until tonight.  I kicked off the morning with a sensory friendly showing of Rio 2, which, frankly was not quite as good as the original.  But they never are anyway.  I would say Rio 2 is a movie meant for kids, so if you aren't one, I wouldn't particularly recommend it.  However, if you're a parent, I will tell you that the movie is probably entertaining enough to get you through the day.  Also, the bird villain from the first Rio movie (I can't remember his name) was (for me at least) surprisingly more comedic relief than a source of true antagonism like in the first movie.  I found that to be an amusing twist, and his frog friend was absolutely adorable.  Also, Bruno Mars' voice is in this movie.  I think that bumped up my rating for this movie by about 10%.

Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege of seeing Captain America 2 with Grace, Sophia, and Jennifer at Edwards Cinema.  There were many things that I liked about this movie, including: the bits of humor, Natasha's sassy banter with Steve, the cameo appearance of Peggy Carter, and the introduction of Falcon (finally, an Avenger who's a person of color!).  The winter soldier was super bad-ass pardon my French, but there is no better way to describe him, and if you read the comic books you'll know why seeing him interact with Steve made my heart ache a little actually a lot.  What I didn't love about this movie was that it was really, and I mean really violent in comparison to the other Marvel movies I've seen.  If your name is Elijah Jones, I can see why that would actually be a bonus, but for a girl who generally likes to see rainbows and sunshine in movies… not so much.  It's an action movie, so if you like that, Captain America 2 definitely for you.  And finally, confession time: Chris Evans speaking French is the sexiest thing I have ever heard… and I feel absolutely no shame in saying that.

Monday, April 14, 2014


If you've been following me since the beginning, you probably remember my poem "Like Footprints" (if not, just click here).  I have progressed a lot since the day I posted it, and after a semester of poetry at Pomona College, I've decided to do a complete rewrite.  In fact, I'm not even sure if it's fair to call it that, since the only thing I've kept in this new poem is the idea of footprints in the sand.  Something that I miss from the original is the rhythm that it had to it, but I think there are some great things about this poem as well.  Some changes are probably going to be made to this poem after the poetry workshop on Tuesday, but I thought I'd just post the most recent version I have now.


Your footprints in the sand
Are swallowed by the seawater

Palm-palm touch
My hand hangs in the air, waiting

I miss your sticky fingers
Glued onto mine in a flesh mesh

My soles slap-slap the pavement
The echo of your footsteps ping-pongs

My hand ventures into the casket
You're frozen in all kinds of ways

One day these black-clad figures
Will live, forget life, but

I can't unremember
Your print's still stamped on me

Saturday, April 5, 2014

An Announcement

Hey readers, just a quick announcement that I am making a small alteration to this blog.  Tomorrow I am changing the privacy settings so that only select readers can log in to read my blog posts.  I want to give you the heads up before I actually change the settings.  If there are any technical problems and you can't log in, shoot me an email and we'll figure things out.  Happy Internet surfing!