Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hey guys, guess what?  I won another short story contest!  It was a totally random contest, too, since it's annually hosted by a dentist named Dr. Copeland.  I was in the 10th-12th grade category and won a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble.  I thank God for that provision.  I'll probably post a review of whatever book I use the gift card to buy.  I cut and pasted the story for your reading pleasure.

Before you read it, however, I would like to add in a little commentary.  I wrote this story about a contemporary issue at schools everywhere: bullying.  I have personally been mistreated by other kids, so I know the feeling of rejection.  If anyone who is reading this has been or is being bullied, know that you are not alone.  When I was in elementary school, a girl among my circle of friends began to treat me so poorly that I moved on from that group.  I made new friends who appreciated me as I was and eventually let go of my anger.  I never did find out why that girl turned against me, but it doesn't matter.  Don't be afraid to tell someone you trust about your pains.  Bullying is a serious thing, and you need to speak out if you are a victim of it.  There are other ways of dealing with a bully, as my story will show you.  Know that even if you feel that the world has turned against you, God NEVER will.  His arms are open to embrace you and let you know that you are never alone.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Look for Me

I know it hasn't even been a week since my last post, but I've just been inspired.  So, I had to write this down and, of course, I had to post it.  Edits and critiques are welcome, especially since this is hot off the press.
Look for Me
Look for Me in the shadows,
in the depths.
Look for Me in your heart,
in your very soul.
Look for Me, darling,
look for Me.
I say it again.
Look for Me in the mass
of people before you.
Look for Me in the eyes
of a total stranger
and of a close friend.
Look for Me everywhere.
Look for Me in the hallowed halls
and in the grimy gutters.
I am everywhere.
I am right behind you.
I am nose-to-nose with you.
I am just above you;
the soles of My feet just graze
the crest of your head.
I am below you, calling your name.
Ah, look for me, for I am waiting
to be found by you.
I purposely leave behind my tracks.
I discard the clues along my path.
I write you a note everyday.
I send you the treasure map to find Me,
and yet you have not found Me.
Where are you?
Everywhere that I am not.
Oh how I long for you,
sweet child of mine.
You know where I am.
Come look for Me.
I promise you will find Me.

He is not lost, but wants to be found.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wreck It Ralph

Well, I haven't reviewed a movie in a while, so I'm giving this a shot.  I saw the animated movie Wreck It Ralph with my dad and sister this past Saturday, and I had a great time.  I rate it as a ten out of ten, but Dad rates it as a seven out of ten.  Why?  I have no idea.  I liked the movie for its adorkability and cheesiness.  Okay, so we have all seen the theme of wanting to be accepted by society, and instead being cruelly rejected.  The experience isn't fun, to say the least.  Wreck It Ralph, a story about a bad guy in an arcade game who's tired of being bad, puts an interesting twist to the usual motif of alienation.

From seeing the previews alone, I pretty much had all the characters pegged down.  Ralph is an average guy who's tired of his job and the lack of appreciation.  Vanellope (gosh, what a name!) is a gal with lots of attitude (which is perhaps why I love her so much) and a really soft heart once you get past the crusty surface.  Fix-it Felix is a nice guy, although I found the romantic intrigue between him and the kick-butt Sergeant Calhoun a little strange at first.  Love really crosses all boundaries, doesn't it? Now that I think about it, Felix and Calhoun remind me of a romance between an elf and a giant (yes, I literally mean an elf and a giant) in the movie Ella Enchanted.  Now there's a height difference for you!

Anyway, unconventional romances aside, I thought the movie was first-rate for passing the time with your friends.  I laughed, I nearly cried, and I enjoyed myself.  I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yet, at least to anyone who doesn't mind cheesiness.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Bulldog

Hi all!  So I haven't posted in a month, and I feel I should explain myself.  I haven't updated, but not because my reading has suddenly halted or my creative juices have stopped flowing.  The fact is that any free time I have is gobbled up by friends, college prep, or FanFiction.  However, I decided to post today because something significant happened to me this week.

You see, there was this Bulldog Pride Contest at my school.  Through any form of artistic expression (e.g. drawing, poem, short story), a student was supposed to show what bulldog pride means to him or her.  I chose to participate through my short story "The Bulldog."  I definitely didn't expect to win, especially since I didn't win the poetry contest last year.  However, to my amazement and utter joy I did win!  And no, the prize wasn't just a pat on the back and a sense of gratefulness.  I also won a Target gift card for $25!  I plan to spend it on something long-lasting and memorable, so that I'll always remember this historic achievement.  What it will be exactly I haven't figured out.  I thank God for providing for this awesome blessing and hope that this portends my future success in my writing career.  I copied and pasted the winning story below.  Enjoy!

The Bulldog

“I swear Anna, you are the least-spirited senior on the planet!” my sister Sally exclaimed at the bottom of the stairs as she waited for me to trudge down after her.

I grunted moodily and snapped back, “And you are the most annoying freshman in the history of freshmen.”

Sally groaned and smacked her forehead with an aggravated air.  “At least I have school spirit.  I’m wearing my class color and everything.  And what have you got?”

“A cheery disposition,” I replied sarcastically.

Sally rolled her eyes and opened the door.  I followed her out with a smug look as we began the trek to our high school, which was only a block away.  Looking back, I wonder why that bulldog had to wait until my last day of senior year to help me discover the spirit of my school.

Sally and I parted ways once we reached the school; she went off to hang out with her fellow munchkins and I decided to take a short nap while leaning against an exterior wall of the E-building.  The dreamy daze of my tired eyes was interrupted when I heard heavy, animal-like panting and felt sticky goo drop onto my forehead.

My eyes shot open and before me I saw a giant, heaving, happy bulldog staring at me in anticipation.  I wiped the dog’s saliva off my face in disgust, wondering where on earth this behemoth came from.  I glanced behind the bulldog and saw that the bulldog statue that usually stood proudly on its pedestal at the quad was missing.  I must be hallucinating, I thought, because this giant canine has come to life.

The bulldog gestured for me to climb aboard its back, and I did so because I figured it was all a dream anyway and I couldn’t possibly get hurt.  Instantly the canine began bounding toward the L-buildings, and I gripped tightly onto his collar to prevent myself from falling.  I heard the bell ring, and lurched forward when the bulldog abruptly stopped in front of my old freshman classroom.  I peeked inside and saw a classroom of people whom I knew very well, but looked like their old freshmen selves.

The desks were arranged in a makeshift courtroom, and an old classmate of mine – he was shorter than I remember – began pointing at the accused and shouting that he had violated his daughter Mayella Ewell.  I thought of what poor taste it was to kill that mockingbird Tom Robinson, and then the bulldog was off again.

We raced across the soccer field, baseball field, and football field.  Briefly I saw the enormous football players lining up like a band of soldiers facing enemy lines.  The bleachers were stuffed with cheering onlookers who screamed in excitement and adulation of their favorite sport.  CIF championship here we come.

We reentered the quad, and the dancers were already in formation, as if they had been waiting for us.  Their uniform motions were smooth, fluid, and teeming with bubbling energy and passion.  Their bodies moved up, down, all around the quad in a firework of locomotion, until they dramatically paused to pose at the bulldog.  The hip-hop music that had been playing in the background still ricocheted in my eardrums even when the bulldog ran onward.           

            All the doors to the classrooms were open, letting us see the clubs in the midst of their business.  One group talked about beach cleanup, another the local animal shelter, another the plight of bullying, another the upcoming blood drive, and another so much more.  I heard the Step Squad stomping its feet in a clamor of loud smacks and thumps.  I saw the navy blue of the uniforms of AFJROTC as they marched forward with our patriotic flag.

            All of the people, buildings, and activity became a blur as the bulldog ran faster, faster, faster.  The things I had seen became a mixture of colors, sounds, smells, and the paths of everyone’s lives intertwining inextricably together.  Finally it all spiraled down to one scene, leaving me dizzy and amazed.

            We were back on the football field, and the bleachers were just as filled as when the football game was taking place.  Except this time the people were not cheering; they were silently watching the ocean of maroon sitting in front of a large stage.  The senior graduates stood triumphantly wearing their caps and gowns in a unified body of bulldog pride.  If the bulldog that had been my guide could cry I’m sure he would have burst into tears at the beauty of it all.  The small, the tall, the gentle, the gruff, the brown-eyed, the blue-eyed, the athlete, the genius, the artist, the actor, the writer are all standing side-by-side.  Those four years had all built up to that one fantastic event of this fully culminated school spirit.  I saw myself in the midst of that flood of maroon & gold school spirit.

            The bulldog carried me back to where we started, in front of the science department building.  He strode majestically back to his pedestal, and before I could think to thank him, he was already frozen in place, baring his teeth at the incoming students of another new year.

            I run to the cluster of trees that I know my sister always lounges at, and recklessly push aside her friends.  She glances at me weirdly, but I don’t care.  I grip her by the shoulders and practically shout at her in my enthusiasm.

            “Sally, you were right!” I exclaim.  “About the school pride, about everything.  It’s not just about those colorful rallies, or high test scores, or extracurricular activities.  It’s about all of us as a student body sharing the high school experience together.  Bulldog pride is about taking pride in yourself and all the people who have walked this journey of life with you.”

            Sally smiles softly and withdraws from my grasp to look at me meaningfully.

            “I don’t know what has gotten into you since the ten minutes we’ve been apart, but I’m glad that you finally get me, get this school,” she says.

            I nod in agreement.  “Now that I have, I think the rest of my life can finally begin with spirit.”

Friday, August 31, 2012

My Bucket List

This is my BUCKET LIST of things to do before I die - even the crazy stuff that'll likely NEVER happen.  I wrote this just for fun.

1. Be a published author
2. Go to the East Coast
3. Go to a foreign country
4. Fall in love  (with a superhero… preferably Captain America)
5. Sing in a concert performance/talent show
6. Learn how to ballroom dance
7. Be one of the most popular FanFiction authors IN THE WORLD
8. Star in a movie/play/BROADWAY?!
9. Learn how to dive (I think this one's the scariest on the list)
10. Start a Facebook profile (not particularly exciting, but I hope one day I'll find the motivation to do it)
11.  Play guitar
12. Go kayaking (if my dad can do it, then so can I)
13. Go to the Grand Canyon and SCREAM MY HEAD OFF (I know, it's random)
14. Get a makeover (that's NOT done by my mom)
15. Get highlights
16. Meet a celebrity (I came closest with Jackie Chan at a Rose Parade)
17.  Direct my own film (the Book Club videos don't count)
18.  Meet Wayne Thomas Batson in person
19.  Meet Chris Hopper in person
20. Release my own music album
21. Make a comic book
22. Learn archery (I've wanted to learn this for years)

What's YOUR bucket list?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Read

So let's get down to it: I'm going to give a review on a book you probably haven't read, and you're going to read this post anyway because you love me :p  Anyway, today I'm talking about How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster.  I had to read this for AP  Literature, but I found it extremely helpful in explaining why certain elements in literature are significant and what patterns one can find in a book.  The book changed my perspective about how books relate to each other and to literature I'd never thought to compare, like Greek mythology, fairy tales, or Shakespeare.  The examples Foster uses are sometimes obscure to a person who is not a literature professor, but he explains them relatively well.  The lessons Foster teaches changed my way of thinking when it comes to books.

One example is the duel between Peter and King Miraz in Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis. You know, the young, former king of Narnia meets the current king and seasoned fighter in a fight to the death.  Does that remind you of an event, specifically Biblical?  For me, that scene reminds me of David the shepherd boy stepping out from the front lines to meet the giant Goliath.  Why?  Well, my reasoning may or may not be a stretch, but I'll put it into context for you.  A youth who is fighting for the kingdom in the name of Aslan (who is basically the Christ figure of the Narnian Chronicles) comes to fight a warrior in a one-on-one duel to to determine the winner of the war without entering full-fledged battle.  Meanwhile, in the Old Testament, the boy David goes in the Name of the God of Israel to a duel that will determine the fate of the battle between the Israelites and Philistines.  Now are you seeing the similarity?  Okay, so Peter doesn't shoot a rock from his slingshot and kills a giant (in fact he's not even the one to kill Miraz at all), but the similarity is still there, at least to me.  Even if you don't agree, that's okay.  It's what interpreting literature is all about: differences in opinion.  Someone might point out something in a book that you never realized before, and you can do the same for that person.

Doors have opened in my way of thinking about literature, and even when I don't recognize the patterns that Foster taught me, it's okay. Foster assures his readers that "if the story is good and the characters work but you don't catch allusions and references and parallels, then you've done nothing worse than read a good story with memorable characters.  If you begin to pick up on some of these other elements, these parallels, and analogies, however, you'll find your understanding of the novel deepens and becomes more meaningful, more complex."  So true, Foster, so true.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Like Footprints

Hey, so this summer has been SUPER busy, even though I don't have summer school or anything like that.  Either way, I haven't had time to update until now.  Below this I have put a poem that I recently composed.  I was inspired by a day at the beach earlier this week, when I saw everyone's footprints being instantly washed away by the ocean's waves, with no traces left behind.  I'd been itching to write about it since.

Like Footprints

Like footprints in the sand

Being washed away by the ocean's waves,

So you were washed out of my life.

Like peanut butter and jelly

Sticking together between slices of bread,

So we went together oh so perfectly.

Like raindrops and sunbeams,

Who are opposite yet form lovely rainbows,

So we were juxtaposed in the sky.

So now you're gone

And my heart grieves

Because I have lost more than just a friend

Like footprints in the sand

Being washed away by the ocean's waves,

So you were washed out of my life.

Only your print has not left my heart.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heaven is for Real

Okay, I feel like it's been years since I posted!  Oh well.  Anyway, I have recently read a real life story about a four-year-old boy named Colton Burpo who went to heaven and came back, all during his surgery at the hospital.  Then Colton legitimized his experience by describing people he had never even met and by portraying heaven with biblical accuracy.  His father Todd Burpo recounted Colton's near death experience and how his son's trip to heaven changed his family's perspective about life and God.  Here's a quote from the book:

"'Do you remember the hospital, Colton?' Sonja said.
'Yes, Mommy, I remember,' he said.  'That's where the angels sang to me.'"
Now, what really stood out to me in this book was the account of Colton meeting his unborn sister in heaven.  I mean, I never thought too much about meeting a person who was never born. It's kind of awesome, and I can't imagine how much joy it will bring to the mothers who have lost their children.  Another thing that intrigued me was that the book showed that even a pastor or a respected teacher can lose it sometimes (*cough cough, Dad! ;) *).  Colton's father was shocked to realize that his son had seen his temper tantrum with God from heaven, since he had thought he was alone.  It was a reminder to me that no one is perfect and we ultimately can only depend on God's grace to make up for our inconsistencies.

It's a relatively short book, but it's filled with heartfelt family moments, glimpses of the hope of heaven, and adorable quirks of an innocent child.  Heaven is for Real will strengthen your hope of the eternity we have through Jesus Christ and will be a joy for your library and your family for a long time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

White Lion Chronicles

So, I finally finished the White Lion Chronicles.  I think I spent months just trying to get through the first book.  Now this isn't because I disliked the series, it was just the sheer business of my daily life.  However, I am proud to say that I have read it at last.  Now for my review.

Of the Christian-themed books I have read thus far, I find that this series most honestly evokes the necessary, Biblically founded truth that all Christians should know.  There is so much reality in it, which is ironic considering that the whole story is set in an imaginary realm called Dionia with practically unreal beings and occurrences.  The warriors fight with swords that burst into flames and that are able to slice through stone columns with ease.  The monsters known as the Dairne-Reih are hideous, loathsome creatures with inhuman strength and bloodlust.  The very foundations of the land and sea are literally shaken as Dionians encounter the greatest enemy of them all: Morgui.  All of these fantastic adventures and people seem beyond the humdrum normalcy of real life.  Amazingly enough, all of this does happen, just not in a physical realm.  The flames of the sword are only summoned through the Sacred Tongues of the Holy Spirit, the Dairne-Reih are physical embodiments of demons, and Morgui represents the real life enemy, Satan.  Chris Hopper perfectly captures the essence of our ultimate need of a Savior, regardless of the alternate universe that could have been if Adam and Eve had never sinned.  In the end, we are human and we will always fail to meet God's standards by our own efforts.  That is why Jesus is needed so badly.  There are plenty of other themes in this trilogy (including the kind of love that only marriage can complete and the power of redemption), but I would say that that is the overarching concept.

Admittedly this book series is not meant for younger readers, as violence, bloodshed, and suffering plague the characters until the epic finale of the last book.  Still, if you need to be reminded of why it's so important that you persist in your walk of faith, even when God supposedly cannot hear your cries, the White Lion Chronicles is a must-read.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Avengers!!!!

Just yesterday I saw the Avengers movie for the second time with my friend.  The simple fact that I saw this movie twice indicates how much I like it.  The action/adventure/drama in it was compelling and exciting... and the slight romance also played well to my liking.  Captain America is definitely my favorite (mostly because he is easy on the eyes), but I also loved Tony Stark's sense of humor and Hawkeye's ridiculously awesome skill with a bow & arrow.  Interestingly enough, it was slightly more fun seeing the movie for the first time with my dad on Sunday.  This was partially because the audience in the first time were much more responsive to the jokes and whatnot.  When the people around you are enjoying themselves more, you tend to enjoy yourself more, too.

Now this movie was good for several reasons, but the biggest one was the humor.  There were so many one-liners that made me laugh my butt off even when I watched it the second time.  My dad said he was dying to buy popcorn, but he couldn't bear to leave the theatre for fear he'd miss another hilarity.  One of my favorite parts was the very end that came after the credits.  If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't... for shame!

Either way, I highly recommend this movie if you want a movie that will pack the punch and make you roll on the floor laughing at the same time.  It's a great movie to see with your friends, especially the dorky ones who read comic books.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arsenic and Old Lace

Yesterday, my dad and I went to a school play featuring some kids from Play Production.  It was about two crazy old ladies who poison lonely people who come to their home.  Their nephew Mortimer is afraid that since insanity runs in the family, he will go crazy, too.  At first, the play was a little confusing and slow, but that was probably because I was a few minutes late.  However, the action really picked up and I was riveted to what was happening.  The comedy was awesome and the mystery was intriguing.  The performance of the actors was great, much to my relief, since one of them had warned me not to go on opening night; he said that they were horribly unprepared.  That's why I went yesterday instead of opening night.  They must have pulled it together by last night, though, because their talent was impressive.

Basically, the show made me appreciate theatre all the more.  I mean, I've always enjoyed watching performances like that, especially with my dad (we bond over plays like my mom and I bond over romantic chick flicks).  All in all, I give West Covina High School's rendition of Arsenic and Old Lace two thumbs up

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hunger Games: Book Review

So, I've done the whole thing backwards: I gave the movie review before the book review.  Cardinal Rule broken.  Well, I finished the trilogy just yesterday, and I'm here to give you my opinion.   For me, the series as a whole gets a C+.

For starters, I would NEVER EVER let the Book Club read or discuss it.  It is WAY too violent (and depressing), especially for the younger members.  As I've said before, I'm not much of an action genre fan.  I found a lot of the deaths of certain characters unnecessary and sad. It seems they were just killed off by the author on a matter of whim.  I liked Katniss' slight sense of humor, but other than that she seemed indifferent to practically everyone around her, especially in the epilogue of Mockingjay.  The end to Mockingjay appeared a little rushed and dismissive to me, as well.

Also, I felt the love triangle between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta to be extremely awkward.  I personally think Gale made the conflict much harder than it had to be.  Also, I was disappointed that Katniss didn't make the decision herself on who to chose.  If one of them hadn't ended up just leaving without a word, I'm pretty sure she would've been undecided for the rest of her life.  I mean in the end she recognizes that the person she is with is the right one for her, but I'm wondering if she could have figured that otherwise.

Peeta was my favorite character in the whole series, followed by Prim, Rue, and then Katniss.  Peeta's one of the few characters who has any decency in all the bloody chaos.  Also, his unconditional love for Katniss really touched my sentimentality (although I admit I could see some of that in Gale, too).  He and Katniss ended up being really torn up at the end of the series, but that doesn't seem to stop his inner goodness.  I think Peeta represented the one speck of idealism that the author decided to have in the entire series.

One compliment I do have for The Hunger Games: it really nails the essence of human nature and its tendency to be self destructive.  One of the characters in the end of Mockingjay actually comments on how forgetful and self destructive humanity is, but tempers that with a hope that maybe it has evolved to be a better humanity.  I find the author's observance of man to be sadly true, but I also hope that history won't repeat itself when it comes to our natural stupidity.  I guess what I'm really waiting for is Jesus coming back to clean up our mess at last.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Club Chat

On this past Sunday, New Heart Book Club had a skype session with the authors Wayne Thomas Batson (Door Within Trilogy) and Chris Hopper (White Lion Chronicles).  I'd post a picture of the session, but then there's a whole legality issue about posting people's pics on the Internet without their permission, blah blah blah....  Anyway,  it was a great time to ask published authors all about their books and get some advice.  Most of you probably already know this, but they advised me as a writer to never lose my passion or skill by continually writing and reading good books.  I guess this blog is a good way for me to keep writing.

Wayne Thomas Batson & Chris Hopper are two of the funniest guys I've ever met and their easygoing personalities can be seen in their writing.  My favorite part of the whole chat session was when Chris hinted that the book club leaders were like the lords of Berinfell.  Grace, my dad keeps saying how you almost fainted when you realized it :)  Pretty awesome.  By the way, to those of you who were in love with Jet from the Berinfell series, I'm so sorry that he's going to be dead for sure in the third book.  I know the authors didn't say it word for word, but it seemed implied to me.  *Sigh* I'm glad I didn't pick him as a book crush.

Thanks to Jacques for setting up the technical aspect, and thanks to the rest of the book club for being so respectful.  You guys made it all the more great!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Broke the Cardinal Rule

Yes, readers, I did it.  I broke the one rule that can never be broken... I watched the movie before I read the book.  You can do the shame-on-you head shake right about now.

Okay, so the movie that I'm talking about is The Hunger Games.  If you haven't heard of it, then you officially live under a rock. I personally liked it and would probably watch it again if given the chance.  It was a little action-y for my taste, but the romance was good :D Anyway, I thought the plot was pretty thrilling, invigorating, and exciting in an on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of way, though it was perhaps not the best I've seen thus far.  One thing that you may or may not be surprised about: I actually cried at one point.  I won't tell you for what part, since that would be a MAJOR spoiler, but I did it.  I'm not usually that much of a sappy crier when it comes to movies, but... well, if you end up seeing it you'll know what I mean. All in all, I give the movie a four-star review.

The movie turned out so good that I'm more than ready to read the series now.  My dad already has a copy, so hopefully I'll get started today.  I will post my book review as soon as I've finished it.  Later, bloggers!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Huck Finn ~ My Book Review

I just finished reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for my AP English class, and I have to say, props to you, Mark Twain!  I know some of you guys haven't even read this book (yet), so you can pretty much skim over this post if you haven't.  But just so you know, Tom Sawyer is NOT a particularly likable character (at least in my opinion).  If someone asked me who my book crush was, I'd be stuck between Aidan from The Door Within, Peter Pevensie from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Huck Finn.  Pointless character crushes aside, I really enjoyed reading about Huck and Jim's escapades and Huck's overall ethical development.  He was an awesome character, and I was somewhat disappointed by his slight backtracking at the end of the book.  His moral growth was like a circle - his moral position went right back to where it started by the time the book was over.  Still, I enjoyed Twain's satire between the Grangerfords & the Shepherdsons, the king & the duke, and any other representation of the ridiculous aspects of society.  The local color about the southern way of life in Twain's time was also interesting to analyze and explore in my reading.  On a scale of one to ten, I would definitely give this book a nine.  So, if you haven't already done so, I would suggest checking out The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and see for yourself how humorous and how real Twain's satire is.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Give It Your Best Shot

Hey, I know it's been a while since I've posted, but whatever!  My latest short story was inspired by something kinda funny.  My friend and I were hanging out in my math teacher's classroom after school one time.  She had a little hoop and a miniature basketball to go with it  in her room.  I was doing (or at least attempting to do) my work, and in my peripheral vision I could see my friend repeatedly trying to make it into the hoop that was barely the size of my fist.  I don't remember what I said exactly, it was something along the grounds of me highly doubting that he'd ever make it.  He looked at me and told me that it really didn't matter if he made that shot.  He just looked forward to the next one.  I found that a pretty inspirational quote, and I told him so.  I don't think he really absorbed my comment, since he just shrugged.  However, I still thought what he said was noteworthy and decided to write about it while using previously developed characters of mine.  For reasons I've expressed on my last post, you can only read my story via private email.  God bless!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Story

I recently wrote a new story called "Picturesque" because of Jaime's inspirational gift at the youth group Christmas party.  I didn't want to post a copy of it on this blog because anybody could copy it and steal it.  So, if you want to read it, and if you send a super nice email, I'll send you a copy (after you promise not to steal my idea ;) ). God bless you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Music

I believe that all who read this blog are Christians, so I hope you'll like this post.  It's a list of some awesome songs that I've heard on the Christian music channel.  If you're on the New Heart worship team, listening to these songs via Rhapsody should be easy.  If you're not, well... there's always iTunes!  Regardless, it's important for you to know what the song is saying rather than how it sounds.  It's the lyrics that make these songs shine, at least for me.

More by Matthew West - This song personally appeals to me because it talks about how your value goes beyond whatever is going on in your life.
Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North - My favorite line in the whole song is about how "the light meets the dark."  When I first heard this song, I meditated on how whenever the light encounters darkness, the light ALWAYS overcomes.  Always. It's nice to be victorious all the time.
True Love by Phil Whickham - This is in the suggestions box on the worship team's Rhapsody account.  It talks about the true story of the greatest example of love, Jesus Christ.  If you're only going to listen to one of these songs, I would suggest that you listen to this one.
You Love Me Anyway by Sidewalk Prophets - This song is great for when you're feeling down about something and you can't help but doubt if God is with you.  You kinda get a new perspective listening to this.
What Love Really Means by JJ Heller - The end of this song really packs the punch for me.  It sounds cliché, but it really tells the listener what love really means.