Friday, August 31, 2012

My Bucket List

This is my BUCKET LIST of things to do before I die - even the crazy stuff that'll likely NEVER happen.  I wrote this just for fun.

1. Be a published author
2. Go to the East Coast
3. Go to a foreign country
4. Fall in love  (with a superhero… preferably Captain America)
5. Sing in a concert performance/talent show
6. Learn how to ballroom dance
7. Be one of the most popular FanFiction authors IN THE WORLD
8. Star in a movie/play/BROADWAY?!
9. Learn how to dive (I think this one's the scariest on the list)
10. Start a Facebook profile (not particularly exciting, but I hope one day I'll find the motivation to do it)
11.  Play guitar
12. Go kayaking (if my dad can do it, then so can I)
13. Go to the Grand Canyon and SCREAM MY HEAD OFF (I know, it's random)
14. Get a makeover (that's NOT done by my mom)
15. Get highlights
16. Meet a celebrity (I came closest with Jackie Chan at a Rose Parade)
17.  Direct my own film (the Book Club videos don't count)
18.  Meet Wayne Thomas Batson in person
19.  Meet Chris Hopper in person
20. Release my own music album
21. Make a comic book
22. Learn archery (I've wanted to learn this for years)

What's YOUR bucket list?

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