Monday, February 13, 2012

Give It Your Best Shot

Hey, I know it's been a while since I've posted, but whatever!  My latest short story was inspired by something kinda funny.  My friend and I were hanging out in my math teacher's classroom after school one time.  She had a little hoop and a miniature basketball to go with it  in her room.  I was doing (or at least attempting to do) my work, and in my peripheral vision I could see my friend repeatedly trying to make it into the hoop that was barely the size of my fist.  I don't remember what I said exactly, it was something along the grounds of me highly doubting that he'd ever make it.  He looked at me and told me that it really didn't matter if he made that shot.  He just looked forward to the next one.  I found that a pretty inspirational quote, and I told him so.  I don't think he really absorbed my comment, since he just shrugged.  However, I still thought what he said was noteworthy and decided to write about it while using previously developed characters of mine.  For reasons I've expressed on my last post, you can only read my story via private email.  God bless!

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  1. By the way, in case the title confuses you, it's named after the story that I'm talking about in this post.