Saturday, November 17, 2012

Look for Me

I know it hasn't even been a week since my last post, but I've just been inspired.  So, I had to write this down and, of course, I had to post it.  Edits and critiques are welcome, especially since this is hot off the press.
Look for Me
Look for Me in the shadows,
in the depths.
Look for Me in your heart,
in your very soul.
Look for Me, darling,
look for Me.
I say it again.
Look for Me in the mass
of people before you.
Look for Me in the eyes
of a total stranger
and of a close friend.
Look for Me everywhere.
Look for Me in the hallowed halls
and in the grimy gutters.
I am everywhere.
I am right behind you.
I am nose-to-nose with you.
I am just above you;
the soles of My feet just graze
the crest of your head.
I am below you, calling your name.
Ah, look for me, for I am waiting
to be found by you.
I purposely leave behind my tracks.
I discard the clues along my path.
I write you a note everyday.
I send you the treasure map to find Me,
and yet you have not found Me.
Where are you?
Everywhere that I am not.
Oh how I long for you,
sweet child of mine.
You know where I am.
Come look for Me.
I promise you will find Me.

He is not lost, but wants to be found.

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