Sunday, September 28, 2014

BOP Journal

Ermagersh, has it been more than a month since I've posted?!!!  I would have made this post weeks ago, but I waited for an important reason, I promise!  Okay, so y'all know how I submit my writing to journals, contests, etc. every once in a while and that sometimes I get published and sometimes I don't.  Well, during the summer, I heard about an online journal for amateur writers, artists and poets from the Career Planning & Resources office of my college.  It was being started up by an alum who was looking for pioneer posts, some from Scrippsies (like me!).

So, I submitted a short story (titled "The Day My Dad Wanted a Son") that I wrote for Father's Day (I am the fruit of your loins, Dad!).  I also submitted two poems that I had workshopped with my poetry class last semester at Pomona.  One can only imagine the thrill I felt reading the editors' positive feedback and the awesome news that my short story and one of my poems would be some of the FIRST EVER posts on their site.  The second poem may or may not be published later, and I'll let you guys know if it is.  The link to the story is here and the link to the poem is here.  The poem is a bit weirdly formatted because an image comes immediately after the first word of the first line.  Try to ignore that.  Just to let you know, I am under the pen name "Juliette Chavez," so when you see that name under the title, it's not a mistake.  If you're a writer or an artist, you should think about submitting some of your own stuff, too.

Again, I would have posted sooner, but the site literally just went live a couple days ago and I was on a retreat to Catalina Island until today.  At any rate, I'm really happy to finally have the chance to share the news with everyone who follows this blog.  God bless you and have a great day!

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