Sunday, February 26, 2017


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When I think of coupons, I have an image of a middle-aged soccer mom throwing them at a grocery store cashier so she’ll get $2 off her 2% milk.  It turns out that there’s a lot more to coupons.  On my first visit to Groupon’s website, I was surprised at their diversity of offers, from electronic goods to yoga classes to local eateries to sports games, and I discovered deals that were right in my area.

Up to 50% off at ZPizza in Claremont.  38% off a OneRepublic concert in Anaheim.  46% off admission for two to the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona.  The cool thing about the Groupon mobile app (which is free!) is that you can look up local deals on the spot when you’re taking a night on the town and you’re deciding where to go for food or fun.

(PC: Paul Swansen)

A few clicks on Groupon and you’ll find hundreds of coupons for big name stores and corporations, such as eBay.  We all know you can literally buy anything on eBay.  They have 12 subcategories for books alone.  Considering what I blog about, I'll also mention Barnes & Noble and Fandango for offering a myriad of coupons and deals on books and movies on Groupon.  No longer do you need to cut coupons out of newspapers.  They're already right there on your phone or laptop!

One feature I think Groupon could add is allowing users to search by item category under each store (i.e. books, cookware, electronics).  If I want to check for coupons for DVDs at Target, for example, I’d like to see that in its own category.

My minor suggestion aside, Groupon makes the coupon experience much more convenient and available for on-the-go shopping.  Which is great for lazy people like me. 😆  So next time you’re shopping online or in store, consider Groupon as a new way to save!

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