Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Daily Miracle

"A Daily Miracle" is a poem that I entered in a contest hosted by the American Library of Poetry towards the end of the last school year.  Just recently I ordered and received a book with my published poem in it :D  I know most of you have already read it, but here it is anyway for those of you who haven't.  A special shout out to Pastor Joel for reviewing my poem via email.  Anyway, merry Christmas!

A Daily Miracle

Every day you can HEAR,
Every day you can SEE,
You can see a MIRACLE
As realization DAWNS in the GLEAM of a pupil's eye.
When the perfect string of WORDS is formed
Or the equation is SOLVED,
The IDEA materializes and CREATIVITY is born.
How are these CONNECTIONS made?
It is something taken for GRANTED, 
But it has been a persistent MIRACLE.
Parables, Scriptures, Pictures,
Models, Diagrams, Charts,
Stories, Poems, and WORDS
All help you see the KNOWLEDGE and BEAUTY
Of every aspect of our LIVES.
This is worth MORE than a SCORE on a page.
What is this MIRACLE, YOU ASK?

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