Monday, May 13, 2013

Neil Simon's Plaza Suite

So Saturday night, I went with my dad to see West Covina High School Theater Department's production of Neil Simon's Plaza Suite.  I saw the play for two reasons: (1) as a theater lover, I always want to support my school's drama department, and (2) it's the last play of senior year, duh!  The play showed three different acts with different characters in the Plaza Hotel, suite 719.  The first act featured a woman who realizes on her 24th (or 23rd) anniversary that her husband has been cheating on her with his secretary (oh, how original!).  The second focused on a real scandal, consisting of a Hollywood producer seducing his old high school sweetheart, a married woman.  The third, my favorite act, was about two parents who are frantically trying to get their daughter Mimsey out of the bathroom so she can get married.

There were definitely some laugh-worthy moments, and the set was a job very well done (kudos to Tech Theater for setting that up!).  My dad seemed to like the background music playing before the play started.  Was the production worth paying $8 at the door, even though I'd read and seen the movie version of the play already?  Definitely.  The third act especially did its job of making me crack up, but I liked the other acts as well.  Overall, I'd say the theater department's time and effort were well spent on this play.  Go Bulldogs!

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