Saturday, June 1, 2013

EPIC... was it really that epic?

So today I went with my family to see Epic, based on a book written by William Joyce, and I had a good time.  Dad said that it had a weak storyline, and I agree mainly because I find the concept of secret-world-with-little-people a regurgitation of Arthur and the Invisibles.  However, it was really great to be hearing the voice of Josh Hutcherson for the whole movie and I liked the romantic intrigues.

The movie did succeed in having me thinking, "WHEN IS EVERYTHING GONNA BE OKAY ALREADY?!"  Needless to say I was absorbed into the movie and was sufficiently entertained with suspense and humor at the same time.  I laughed my head off several times, mainly due to the slug and snail.  For me, the animation gets a resounding ten out of ten - seriously, the animators should get an award.  The scenery of nature was absolutely beautiful, that's how well they nailed it.  The ending was really sweet, since everything is wrapped up with a reconciled father-daughter relationship.  Though I wouldn't necessarily describe the movie as totally "epic," I give the movie an overall score of an eight out of ten.  If you want an excuse to get out of the house and have a nice time, I recommend seeing this movie with your friends.  Later, bloggers!

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