Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mind Adrift

Hiya, guys!  Whaddya know, I'm making a post in the middle of the school week (I'm currently procrastinating my homework… shhhh!).  It's for something important, okay?  I'm thinking about submitting a poem to the Scripps College Journal.  I've already gotten my poetry class's opinion three times and my twin's opinion one time.  Before I do the daring deed and turn it in, I want my lovely followers' opinions.  The deadline to submit is coming up quick, so please reply soon.

Mind Adrift

sometimes it goes too far
but it still has yet           to touch

resting my head in
the hollow of your chin

tucking my arm into
the fold of your elbow

sliding between the gaps of
your slightly parted fingers

mingling my legs with yours
skimming the edges of you

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful, Bridgette, especially the first stanza which really sounds "adrift' and makes the interpretation of the rest of the poem more open; as well as ''skimming the edges of you'', which is just lovely to read. I'd be surprised if it didn't get published. Great poem with great romantic aura.