Friday, August 14, 2015


Raunchy, unapologetic, and funny, Trainwreck is one of those rom-coms that (probably) wouldn't make your boyfriend want to dunk his head in the toilet and then flush twice.  Amy Schumer was phenomenal, both as the writer and the leading actress, and her co-star Bill Hader ain't too shabby either.  Schumer plays Amy (hm, same name… COINCIDENCE??), a woman who was taught by her father that monogamy isn't realistic and who has been living the party life ever since.  She interviews the sports doctor Aaron Conners for a men's magazine and, as you may guess, eventually changes her player/partier ways.

Aside from the gender role switch, we've seen this trope before, but thanks to the chemistry between the leads, Schumer's impeccable comedy, and a slew of other characters that contribute their own wackiness to the story, Trainwreck still feels like a fun ride.  We have John Cena as Amy's clueless, ridiculously buff semi-boyfriend, Colin Quinn as her rude, offensive father, and Carly Oudin as her pregnant, barely-keeping-her-cool sister.  Also, I really appreciated any scene that had LeBron James (that's his name right?).  His friendship with Aaron was adorable (and much more than the mere cameo I expected), and he even stages an "intervention" for Aaron that I had a fun time watching.

The story's secondary dimension with Amy's father Gordon had its laughs, but it had its tears, too.  At some point, Amy asks a crowd of people if he had ever offended them, and they all raised their hand.  However, they also all raised their hand when she asked if Gordon was still one of their favorite people.  A touching moment that I could relate to my own grandfather.  Moments like that made the characters so much more relatable, and even though Amy had her bad moments like her dad, she still turned out to be one of my favorites.

My only qualm about this movie was the sex scenes.  Like, SEX scenes, if you know what I mean.  I knew the movie was rated R so I wasn't surprised, but unless you wanna feel #AWKWARD watching it with your parents (hi, Mom) or even your significant other, I'd see it solo.

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  1. Hi had to look up "trope." Your comment on you Grandpa was trope-a-dope.